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About the stories

When it comes to writing, I love the elegant, often hilarious prose of Neil Gaiman and the complex characters of Hugh Howey. I always try to make my books as fast-paced and action-packed as those by Blake Crouch. I have admired the works of these authors for years.

I also love the works of many of my contemporaries. It’s an honor to be in the same list with them, along with great post-apocalyptic authors like Stephen King and Dean Koontz. For years I have enjoyed studying the things needed in a P/A world. You may see some of my ‘preparedness’ training in my Troop of Shadows series. I hope my stories do justice to those situations requiring weapons, self-defense, and self-sufficiency. (Yes, you may call it prepping. My friends and family call it my ‘weird hobby.’) Any unflattering distortions are either my errors or done purely for entertainment purposes. All of my stories contain a villain or two. When it comes to the apocalypse you may, and probably will, find there are a lot more than one or two. 😉

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“I’m loathe to put it down! Rushing to get Book 2 now!

AggieB6078 – Amazon Customer

“So Well Done! Terrific twist on apocalypse action adventure drama.”

“Gripping Tale! In my opinion, Probably on equal standing with Stephen King’s “The Stand”. Excellent writing and storyline. I intend to follow up and acquire any book written by this author.”

Timothy Carr – Amazon Customer

“It’s simply good post-apocalyptic fiction that not only conforms, but stands out from the rest of the genre. More than that, it shines in the twist. :)”

Arctunn – Amazon Customer

“This is not your typical apocalypse novel!”

Adelle Starr – Amazon Customer

“Page Turner! I enjoyed every moment of this book!!”

Judith – Amazon customer

“Riveting story with characters that you care about. One of my favorites in the post apocalyptic genre. I stayed up late three nights running as I couldn’t put it down.”

Dog Tired – Amazon Customer

Shades of [Stephen] King. Do you like the creepy added to post apocalyptic? Reading til 2 am and I gotta go to work at 8.”

nomme de plumme – Amazon Customer